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The Importance of Solar Panel Performance Testing

As solar technology becomes more commonplace and affordable, an increasing number of homeowners are making the switch to this green energy. However, just like any other part of your home, it requires a little maintenance over the years to continue performing efficiently.

One standard maintenance solution is solar panel performance testing. It’s a service provided by solar panel technicians, and scheduling it for your system can provide multiple benefits.

Benefits of Solar Panel Performance Testing

Identify Signs of Physical Damage

Since solar panels are installed outdoors, they’re exposed to the elements and can become damaged over time. That damage can shorten the system’s lifespan and reduce its output, so an essential element of solar panel performance testing is searching for any potential issues.

Simple things like scratches on the frame or glass, glue marks on the glass, or gaps between the frame and glass caused by poor sealing can all impact the overall system. During the test, your technician can find these potential problems and inform you of what repairs your system needs for optimal operation.

Discover the System’s Efficiency

System performance verification alerts you to how much output your solar panels provide. This is helpful for several reasons. If the actual production is underperforming from what the specs say it should produce, you can work with your technician to identify the cause and find a fix.

Understanding how much energy your system produces can also help you better budget your energy costs. Many parts of the country offer net metering, which allows you to give any extra energy you produce back to the city’s grid and receive credits back on your energy bill. Knowing how much you make versus consume will help you understand ahead of time whether you’ll receive that credit or not.

Decrease the Risk of Fire

Solar panels are made up of various electrical components, and if any of them malfunction, it could lead to the potential for an electrical fire to break out. As part of your solar panel performance testing, the technician can ensure everything is connected correctly and working as designed while also inspecting for electrical faults.

Increase the System’s Longevity

Much like getting an oil change for your car helps it run longer, solar panel performance testing can prolong the life of your system. By measuring the performance of your solar panels, a trained technician can more easily identify any issues they have and provide a solution. This kind of regular testing and maintenance doesn’t just help the system operate more efficiently; it also helps prolong the length of time it’ll be able to power your home.

Test the System’s Grounding

Electrical equipment requires effective grounding to prevent fire hazards and reduce the risk of electrical shock. Your solar panels are no different. While issues with the grounding aren’t rampant, it can degrade over time, and if that happens, those risks become more serious. During the performance testing, they'll inspect the grounding system to determine if it needs any repairs or a replacement.

Schedule Your Solar Panel Performance Testing

Make sure your home’s solar panels are performing at their peak efficiency with performance testing services from Star Enrg. We specialize in the installation and ongoing maintenance of solar panels across the country, with over 1800 systems currently under our warranty. Our highly trained team will come to your site, perform a professional performance test, and inform you of any issues we find and what solutions we can provide. Learn more about our residential services or reach out to us online to schedule an assessment.

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