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Existing System Testing and Maintenance Program
Delaware and Pennsylvania SREC Markets

Do not give away your largest longterm incentive to an agency or finance company

SREC Income on a typical 24 Panel System can make you $20,000.00 of Residual Income

Get Your SREC Income and your Utility Credits with Star Enrg

System Diagnostic Reporting

Star Enrg Service Trucks are capable of performing I-V Curve Utility scale testing on your residential solar installation. This will give us the overall performance of your existing installation.


System Expansions and Upgrades

Want to add to or upgrade your existing solar installation? Maybe a Backup Battery?

We can help with that. Our designerscan help to create a new add on to your installation and at the same time qualify you for new incentives.


The Importance of Adding Solar to Insurance and Star Enrg Standard Rates

Damaged Solar Installations are expensive to repair without tax credits and incentives. Here are some Standard Costs:

Panel Removal $189.00 Per Panel

Panel Removal and Reinstallation $307.00 per panel

Electrical Trouble Shooting $384.00 per hour

Solar Panel Roof Crew $354.00 per hour

Mobilization Fees $250-$500 depending on equipment

Please make sure you are properly insured.

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